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Opinion: Photography inspiration from social media

Today’s world has a ton of information it’s a chore to aggregate it, what i’ve always tried to do is have some control over what i’m getting out of it. Now this doesn’t mean strictly speaking limiting it to only one type of genre or hobby, but sometimes it helps your own work by looking at others around the world in a similar perspective. To me, that’s something you could never get in the perspective of a photography class, but that is something different for another topic.


Lets test the Pentax LX, with some nature of course.

I recently picked up a Pentax LX for rather cheap on eBay and was pretty excited to get it in my hands. I opened the box and the film rewind crank had fallen off, of course. See-I have a bit of history with these cameras that makes me edgy. I love Pentax cameras and have for a long time, ever since my buddy Don let me borrow his Pentax K1000 for classwork, a few years worth.


Opinion: Photograph to share or photograph to story?

It’s evident today that you can literally be so busy looking at social media that you could forget about doing anything else. Whether it is work, going out, photographing, eating, sleeping, or even reading this opinion piece. –especially now with political season hotting up, you’re likened to see more about politics than what your loved ones dog is currently eating.


Guide: Cleaning up a Summicron-C 40mm f2

Black Friday sale started and KEH had a pretty darn good deal on a Summicron-C 40mm f2 for $275 and free shipping. I know what kind of performance this lens gives, as i’ve owned probably about 6 of them. Of course there is a caveat, it was UGLY grade. Meaning it could be a total crap shoot, you could get the rattiest lens ever, or a showpiece worthy of EX+ somewhere else.


Review: Carl Zeiss Planar T* 45mm f2 G-Mount

Carl Zeiss, the name rings familiarity with almost every lens manufacturer and design for the matter. Though originated in Germany under the name Carl Zeiss Jena, quite a lot of the lens manufactured on the under the guise of Carl Zeiss existed in Japan and today even in Thailand.

Today’s review is considered by many as “one of the sharpest normals” ever to have graced the 35mm format. This was claimed by Popular Photography when they tested it back then, but is there justification to this? is it all fluff? My hope is to not only review in my opinion one of the best lenses i’ve ever used, but try explaining how that impacts film usage and digital.


November Photos Part 2

I’m still feeling out how i’m going to approach these bi-monthly posts, maybe photos that don’t exactly have a fitting story deserving of an individual article perhaps..

This part 2 post covers the film photos taken in the second part of the month. I had some fun playing with Dan’s Contax S2 with a Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4 C/Y, and my Contax G1 and G2 cameras with Zeiss Planar 45mm f2.


Review: Konica Hexar AF

There are two reasons you’d buy an Hexar AF. First is the lens, the second reason is that it’s a ridiculously good camera that questions the existence of the rest. When I first got my hands on one, I was more of the first line, by the time I had used it for a bit, I was seriously considering the second line.

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